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The us-Sunnah Foundation is a registered nonprofit charity in the US and Indonesia dedicated to providing a complete approach to ending poverty through immediate relief and long-term solutions.


The us-Sunnah Foundation was founded and registered in 2014 with a mission to establish permanent sources of recurring aid for the needy as well as develop long-term plans through the construction of charity centers and orphanages that are self-sufficient and self-sustained to not only offer immediate aid but to work directly in local communities for their betterment through education, job training, youth programs, outreach and more.

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The us-Sunnah Foundation operates in Indonesia where 51% of the country are designated as living in poverty of under $1 per day and over 8 million children suffer from malnutrition due to extreme poverty and its effects on society.  We are based in Tangerang, Indonesia which is part of the Jakarta area, the second largest city in the world after Tokyo.


The us-Sunnah Foundation is focused on long-term solutions while also providing emergency relief.  Charities often collect donations to help out with one time donations.  While this gives more in the short term it does little to relieve the root of the problem the poor face and are highly inefficient compared to long-term solutions.  Through using donations on purchasing rice fields to generate rice harvests or constructing low-income apartments which receive monthly rent income for hundreds of years to come you can establish reliable and ongoing assistance to the needy.

An example of this strategy is in our projects to build the low-income apartments.  For the same cost as 20 one-time food packages you can establish recurring income to buy a food package every month. In less than 2 years the donation will have fed the same amount of people, but it continues many more years multiplying the amount of good every donation can do. Additionally these projects allow us to be apart of the communities more than larger organizations doing just food distribution.
We are able to establish educational programs, job training, business startup, youth outreach, community betterment, emergency aid and more for the local communities to drive them to self-sufficiency while having stable and increasing resources to distribute food. Being a part of these communities and working with the local leaders and government census workers we can also identify the truly most needy better than any outside organizations and be even more efficient and effective.


– 2014

The us-Sunnah Foundation was started in 2014 when we registered in both the US and Indonesia as an official charity.  Since the beginning our charity’s mission has been to work towards long-term solutions for the needy in ways that no other charity in our region was.  While the long-term approach is far better for the needy it takes more hard work and patience at the beginning while these efforts are established and managed. In our first year we started with the support of our founders and local communities while we planned and raised money, not for one-time food purchases, but to purchase rice fields.  We were able to survey and buy two connected land plots in 2015 and started using them to help people.

– 2015

That same year the Rohingya Refugees were in Aceh and we visited the camps twice to survey and as partners with the Indonesian government. We successfully worked with the main local organizations on the ground to take care of their urgent immediate needs in the camps while long-term efforts formulated from the government and else where. By the will of Allah we were able to help by being the only organization which was also registered outside of Indonesia and from the support of Sh. Bilal Philips and others.

– 2016

In 2016 we started building low-income apartments inside the same neighborhoods we are helping to establish long-term assistance as well as local programs. Our first apartments currently provide recurring assistance to around 50 orphans and widows in our first neighborhood on a regular monthly basis.

– 2017

This year we hope to expand on this covering the 800+ needy in our entire district as well as establish programs such as youth outreach, job training for poor, community betterment, daily educational programs and more!  To see more details of our progress so far see our News section.  To see our current plans and make a donation to help please visit our Donate page.

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