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How Does It Work?

The us-Sunnah Foundation (501c3) aims to solve poverty at the root rather than just treat the symptoms. This program will collect donations and then use them to buy food wholesale at the best price possible; then package and distribute via our volunteers directly to the hands of the needy. Beyond monthly relief we need your help to establish education, job training, shelters, and more. This campaign is eligible for Zakat, Fidyah (for not fasting), or Kafarah (expiation of breaking an oath) by directly feeding the needy.

What Will We Achieve?

Allah says, ❝Be good to orphans and the needy.❞ (Surat al-Baqarah, 2:83)
- Surat al-Baqarah, 2:83

A CHANGE that is PERMANENT, just imagine the reward for the one who helps facilitate this shelters, job training, establish education, etc. Wouldn’t you want Allah swt to make the path to Paradise easy for you? For a simple $1 a day, you sponsored a children, the betterment of many orphans, help them, and the continuing of the Prophet’s ﷺ mission of building the Ummah up from the bottom of society and empowering everyone to a better future, and following his example in order to live the best life and earn Jannah!

Why You Should Donate

Indonesian Orphans live on about $1/day. Those who we help usually live in illegal bamboo or concrete huts (on unused land they don’t own) and sell food or other things on the side of the street. The most needy orphans we sponsor often live with elderly grandparents who themselves are often living in poverty. These extremely poor orphans not only face poverty but may also have health conditions such as autism, diabetes, as well as living in unsanitary conditions which can lead to further health conditions.

us-Sunnah provides not only for their food and shelter, but also assists in securing them from much of the harm that young orphans may become involved in, such as young girls who enter into prostitution when looking for work.

About us-Sunnah

The us-Sunnah Foundation was founded and registered in 2014 with a mission to establish permanent sources of recurring aid for the needy as well as develop long-term plans through the construction of dawah and charity centers also orphanages that are self-sufficient and self-sustained.

A Few of Our Orphans

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A Message From Our Founder

Asalaamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,

This is Ali Camarata, founder of the us-Sunnah Foundation. I was born and raised as a Christian in the US and joined the military when I was 17. After 9/11, like many others, I hated Muslims because of what the media said about Islam. While browsing the internet for anti-Islam reasons I stumbled upon real information from dawah sites and ended up converting to Islam. Alhamdulillah!

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I now live in Indonesia where our organization works for helping the needy, orphans, and widows in the Greater Jakarta area. Together with the help of volunteers and generous donors we provide basic food staples to very deserving families with a focus on orphans and widows. We also aim to establish a Dawah and Charity Center as our long-term vision of establishing a self-sustainable model to eradicate the cycle of poverty. In Sha Allah.

I need your support to help our brothers and sisters in distress. Every penny counts so donate as much as you can. May Allah reward you with best of rewards here and in the hereafter, Aameen.


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