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Let’s think of long-term solutions!

The us-Sunnah Foundation was founded with a waqf (endowment) first vision. Our mission is to work towards long-term solutions to eliminate poverty. This approach requires patience but achieves more long-term. By investing donations in to rice fields that produce food every year and rental properties that provide monthly income to our charity, a $50 donation would provide between $1,200 to $1,500 in direct relief to orphans, widows, and refugees over the next 100 years. That’s about the cost of a single food relief parcel to most organizations.

Not only is the waqf the most efficient way of helping the needy but by building this methodology into all our projects, such as our planned network of relief centers, we create relief that is renewable, self-sufficient, and self-expanding over time. This means all operations and relief of our organization is funded by this as well as a large local volunteer base and would continue for years to come, even if all donations stopped tomorrow. By donating one-time, or even better by becoming a monthly sponsor, you allow us to expand and establish this waqf to become a powerful tool in eliminating poverty for good.

The Waqf

The us-Sunnah Foundation was founded in 2014 and quickly focused on the purchase of multiple rice fields in farming villages and then later the construction of rental properties that created a base for our future operations. The waqf, combined with donations, has allowed for us to help thousands of Rohingya refugees since 2015 in Aceh, Burma and Bangladesh as well as thousands of orphans, widows, and the needy in Indonesia on a recurring monthly basis.

Your donations and support today will go directly to the construction of self-sufficient charity centers, rice fields, and low-income apartments which will provide recurring income and food for all operations. Our network of charity centers will be local to a single city district to work intimately with local communities and provide emergency food relief, education and tutoring to orphans, job training for widows and the poor, outreach and dawah to the entire community, and more. Every dollar donated will multiply many times in the years to come.


Ongoing charity through Waqf

Prophet ﷺ said: ❝If a person dies then it is cut off all his deeds except for three things: ongoing charity (Waqf), useful knowledge that they taught, and a righteous child that prays for him.❞ [Sahih Muslim]
- Sahih Muslim

When your donation is given to a Waqf it becomes an ongoing charity. Instead of spending about $5 on one-time relief that would feed someone today it is spent on rental properties that would make approximately $1 per year, which is then spent on relief. It’s easy to see that while in the short-term this means less money for the needy, after 5 years or even 100 years it means a whole lot more.

Now instead of spending that dollar per year on just relief we have developed our program so that half is reinvested as if it was a new donation and the other half is given in relief. While this means the first year only 50 cents would go to relief it means exponential growth of the Waqf which means many times more goes to relief over 10 years or more. See the below chart.



The absolute best way to help the orphans and needy is by clicking the Donate button now to make a recurring monthly donation and become a sponsor of the us-Sunnah Foundation that allows us to rely on these regular donations to build and expand our Waqf most efficiently. If you’re not able to do this than even a one-time donation right now will become part of this ongoing charity.


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