Learn from Salaf: Wise Man will Save His Time

saving time

Ibn Aqeel al Hanbali, one of famous scholar of Hanbali madh-hab. Pay attention to his words below. This describes us how strict our scholars were in saving their time and not wasting it in something unnecessary.

Ibn ‘Aqeel al-Hanbali said:

إنه لا يحل لي أن أضيع ساعة من عمري حتى إذا تعطل لساني عن مذاكرة ومناظرة، وبصري عن مطالعة. أعملت فكري في حال راحتي وأنا مستطرح على السرير

“It is not permissible for me to waste an hour of my life even when my tongue is not busy with memorizing or debating with others. Or my eyes are not busy in reading. I would think even when I am resting or relaxing, so I would not get up without an idea to write down”.

أنا أقصر بغاية جهدي أوقات أكلي، حتى أختار سف الكعك وتحسية بالماء على الخبز

“I limit the time I spend eating as much as I can. To such an extent that I choose a few crumbs and follow it with water rather than bread”.

لأجل مابينهما من تفاوت المضغ، توفرا على مطالعة، أو تسطير فائدة لم أدركها فيه

“because bread takes more time to chew. So as to save my time for reading or writing down some useful ideas”

[Zail Tabaqat al Hanabila, 1/145].


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