Rohingya Relief Program

The world has heard the news of the thousands of Rohingya who’ve fled violence of Buddhist mobs and the Burmese military. They are undertaking ethnic cleansing in Rakhine state of Myanmar.

In the last month violence has surged again and hundreds of thousands have been displaced with thousands of others killed. Estimates put the amount of Rohingya refugees up to 700,000 and still rising.

The us-Sunnah Foundation started helping the Rohingya refugees in 2015 when thousands fled by boat to Aceh, Indonesia. Together with our partners we’ve worked with. Since then we’re launching a campaign to provide immediate relief to those fleeing the conflict areas inside the country. As well as building shelters and providing supplies to refugees over the next year to give them some stability.

Due to Myanmar’s ban on foreign journalists and aid, we have brothers who have entered on tourism visas. And will purchase supplies locally to provide to those fleeing conflict areas while also avoiding the areas controlled by the military. This makes immediate relief hard but possible through our local volunteers there.

The long-term assistance will be provided by building groups of shelters with communal water and bathroom as well as bulk supplies over the course of a year. These shelters will be sustainable and livable by working with local Muslim farmers. To use their land and partnering with them for the food supplies. Rather than using land that leaves the shelters in an uncertain condition or possibly removed later.

We will mainly be fundraising on LaunchGood and giving updates to donors through their system which sends emails. But will also create a campaign on our site soon to record the updates here as well, inshaa’ Allaah.

The following are links to the campaign.

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