Orphan Quran Gifts As Waqf

quran waqf project

Previously we had donated ~250 Qurans to the two Rohingya camps which were gifted to us from the printing factory in Medinah.

Today we donated the rest of those, over 100 Qurans, to Rumah Tahfidz al-Fattah in Kotabumi, Tangerang. As the part of waqf project.

They are both an orphanage that cares for the children’s physical needs as well as a Quran school that cares for their spiritual and academic needs as well. It is our pleasure to cooperate with such organizations throughout our area for the benefit of the most needy and the sake of Allah.

Please remember all orphans in your dua and support our efforts to help by making a donation of any amount on our donation page at www.ussunnah.org/orphans.


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