First Visit Rohingya Camps

We visited all 3 of the Rohingya camps in person this week in Langsa, Bayeun and Lhoksukon. We met with representatives multiple nonprofit organizations as well as some of the initial government responders at the camps to assess the situation. The first two camps were fairly close together and had larger support already. The Lhoksukon camp is more remote and with nearly half the total refugees so will need more infrastructure support long-term. All camps are in need of immediate supplies for food, clothing, bedding, etc. to meet just the basic needs of the refugees. The government will be deporting the Bengali migrants who were on the boats destined for Malaysia to get work while the Rohingya refugees that were fleeing the genocide in Burma will be allowed to stay, at least while the governments debate the long-term solutions. Initially the local city governments have to support the camps with limited funds but together with the organizations helping on the ground we’re working to provide the basic immediate needs together, inshaa’ Allaah. UPDATE: Our campaign successfully raised funds to complement the immediate needs at the camp, help establish permanent facilities at one, and then establish ongoing care while.

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