How to donate?

To support our campaigns:

  1. See our campaigns.
  2. Choose the campaign you want to support.
  3. Click “Donate Now” button
  4. You’ll see the campaign descriptions, read them, feel the spirit then click 
  5. “Donate Now” button in the right side.
  6. The form will pops up and guide you

To support our waqf (long term) campaign:

  1. Click green big button in the top right of this website
  2. Select your donation type, “monthly” or “once”
  3. The form guides you then
If I want to donate, what payment methods are supported?

We are using Stripe payment gateway. With Stripe, you can donate using almost any kind of credit or debit card: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, JCB, Discover, Diners Club, Union Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay.

How about Paypal?

We are still improving our Paypal payment gateway. You can donate using Paypal account soon.

Can I donate just once

Sure, you can do it. In every campaigns there are two options: “once” and “monthly”. Make sure you choose “once” to donate only once.

Can I be a regular donor?

Sure, you can do it. In every campaigns there are two options: “once” and “monthly”. Make sure you choose “monthly” to be regular donor. After that, every month, in the same date, Stripe will charge your card automatically for donation, until you stop it.

Can I see my donation history?

Sure, you can track your donation(s) in Donation History page. 

  • Input your email, the one you used when making donation
  • An email will come to you with a link
  • Click the link, the you will see your donation history

However, the link only valid within 1 hour. You have to request another link using steps above to see donation history after that.

Can I get a receipt from my donation?

Sure, you can get e-receipt after completing any donations Also, you can download. Also, you can download e-receipt of your past donation(s), in Donation History page.